An Aphrodisiac Strawberry Ginger Juice to Turn Us On

We love sensuality and we try to infuse it into whatever we touch. Definitely in a juice. A juice to seduce? It’s the ingredients you use and the way you approach it that give it a tantalizing kick.

We loved nothing more than a mid day quickie drink to ignite the senses, and this most recent refreshment was just the ticket to spice up the afternoon. It’s the post-first-sip smile that gave it away. There was a pause, and then silence. Followed by a glance, from below …It seems the aphrodisiac had taken effect. There was no turning back from that first connection, the juice beckoned until the very end.women sensually biting strawberry

The Nutritious Juice That Made Her Toes Curl

On top of inspiring head-to-toe joy, a tasty strawberry ginger juice is one of those whole food anchors to help stay healthy and sprite. While our fetish is on this juice’s sexy appeal, it also meets other criteria as well — for all the healthy juices out there with absolutely no flavor or unhealthy juices that taste … over-sugared, we prefer to rely on this one that’s good inside and out, above and beyond. This recipe needs nothing but fresh fruits, veggies and readily-available aphrodisiac superfoods to fulfil its sexy twist.

The juice becomes the ice breaker, awakening the senses, setting the mood and is most of all a sign that we care. Who knew a juice could be put to such good use. Get in touch with the essence of the ingredients, rise above chopping boredom to the art of sexy juice making. And don’t prepare the juice before your guest arrives, make it an opportunity to co-create. That’s exactly what happened when Eye Pond showed up for an afternoon treat…preparing the fruit a strawberry fell, and she caught it with her toes… “that one should go straight into the juice”. But that wasn’t the only toe to curl.


Strawberry Ginger Juice Prepared


So , how do you make this aphrodisiac Strawberry Ginger Juice to get in the mood?


  • 8 Strawberries (roughly 100g)
  • 14 Red Grapes (roughly 70g)
  • 1/2 Medium Cucumber (roughly 155g)
  • 1 Stalk Celery, leaves removed (roughly 115g)
  • 2 Medium Red Apples (roughly 250g)
  • 1 Pear (roughly 180g)
  • 1 Ginger Thumb (roughly 15g)
  • 1 dash of pure vanilla bean powder
  • 1 dash of cinnamon powder (as fresh as possible)
  • 100% intimate presence and intention


  1. Give a good rinse to all of the fruits and veggies. Even if they are organic, washing them in house vinegar is akin to taking a shower before intimacy. And no, the vinegar doesn’t change the taste, quite the contrary.
  2. Skin the cucumber if you can – it’s time to get undressed. You may prefer doing it dressed, and it’s ok. It might drastically change the taste though.
  3. Chop all the ingredients so they’re ready to go into the juicer.
  4. Start by juicing watery ingredients like cucumber and grapes
  5. Continue with the other ingredients but juice the celery last, as it contains fibers that often clog the juicer.
  6. When the juice is ready, resist taking your first sip, until you’ve poured it into your favorite wine glasses.
  7. Also, remember to rinse the juicer before taking off with the strawberry ginger nectary beverage.


how to make an aphrodisiac strawberry ginger juice

So what makes this Strawberry and Ginger an aphrodisiac?

Well, it all starts with the ingredients, and of course making sure to add fresh, organic fruits and veggies will give you the highest potential.


Thanks to Amy Reilly, we learn that cucumber’s “aphrodisiac reputation is not based on looks alone. From a nutritional standpoint, cucumbers provide several nutrients essential to maintaining sexual health, including Vitamin C and manganese.

The silica in cucumbers make them something of a culinary fountain of youth. Silica supports connective tissue health which keeps the body limber and primed for action. And it can also help maintain young, vibrant skin. In addition, cucumbers prevent water retention which means they not only work as a cure of morning after eyes but can diminish bloat to keep you feeling your sexiest. Most interestingly to those looking to use food in seduction, a study by Dr. Alan Hirsch found that the scent of cucumbers, in combination with black licorice, is extremely arousing to women.”


While perhaps not the first ingredient we think of when aphrodisiac comes to mind, celery, like cucumbers, also help get in the mood. Simply put, men who drink celery taste better. And not only that, but celery contains the male pheromone androsterone which has been shown in clinical studies to elicit sexual arousal in women.


Ginger is one of the go-to aphrodisiacs around. It’s inherent spiciness helps heat up the body and increase blood circulation. French legend Madame du Barry made a practice of serving it to her lovers. Why? Because it was said to drive all, including her most famous lover, Louis XV, to a state of complete and utter submissiveness. This could be just the ticket if bondage is your thing, although in our personal experience ginger is more of an inciter than a subduer.

Ginger Aphrodisiac Juice


We love vanilla in any form. The bean? Check. Vanilla Ice Cream? Why not. It’s renowned for helping us get in the mood. Octopus Love, somewhat of an essential oil expert, has been wearing 2 drops of vanilla essential oil on his lower belly for years. “Vanilla is both deep and sweet…it’s presence stimulates the secretion of testosterone and estrogen which help increase libido and sexual arousal.”

According to research by Vanilla Queen Patricia Rain “men are most aroused by just one simple smell…vanilla! Modern science has proven what native cultures figured out centuries ago, and many of us discovered on our own — whether you prefer to eat, drink, or smell it, vanilla is definitely a potent character in the arena of love!”

sensual vanilla

Easy to understand, then, how it’s enticing presence made it into our sexiest juice.


Intentionaphrodisiac apples

Obviously key ingredients are important, or else we wouldn’t be writing this post, but one thing that can really make or break your juice is the attitude you give it. A juice tastes so much sexier when you’re there to make it. It takes more than just following a recipe to give this juice its special appeal. The magic happens in the intimate way you approach each element, in your touch and in the care and love you introduce to the moment. Above all, its your relationship with the moment that gives any juice it’s authentic love potion pizzazz.

All that’s left is to try this Aphrodisiac Strawberry Ginger Juice to Turn Us On

Juice … make a move to see what happens next…


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