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Isn’t there a lot about our strange-ness that we intentionally keep to ourselves? I certainly do. I don’t make strange faces or noises in public, at least I try not to. Despite being some of my favorite things to do, I’m unlikely to break into dance in the supermarket, or rub foreheads with an acquaintance.

And by the way, , I’m not suggesting it’s time to start breaking social norms at every turn — au contraire.   

I’m on a run across the vineyards above Lake Geneva — I’m wearing my matching workout outfit, my hair’s tied in a neat pony tail, music in my ears, as I start off across nature’s paradise. I might be singing a bit under my breath, but I play it cool, “Bonsoir,” I say to the couple walking by, careful to come across as a respectable human being. My public persona is in full effect.

What I do love doing, on the other hand, is to celebrate — and best of all, share! — weirdness when it knocks at your door.

I wouldn’t say weirdness is a requirement for authenticity. But where authenticity is present, I’d bet weirdness is not far behind. Deep down, I believe we are all a bit kooky, with some of us more willing to express it than others. So the closer we get to our art from the heart, the weirder we get.

The run is coming to an end.  Approaching the gate of my garden, I can hear the sound of my clothes hitting the floor before I have the chance to take them off. Wild horses…will not keep me away….the sound of the Rolling Stones firing up in my head. , I am naked faster than you can say bibbity bab wah wah wah. I dash across the living room and shimmy around my partner, nuzzling him like a pony, as if to beckon him to the wild side. He is deep in programming juju, super-glued to his chair since 10am. What will he do?

Let’s get this party started…in heeeeeeeerrrreee. Now we are two on the living room turned dance floor. Unleashed and unhibited. From the twist to the cha cha, we give Elvis a run for his money. It was utterly weird, and deeply fulfilling. The freedom to express in the company of someone just as willingly weird is, I would argue, even better than a mint chocolate chip ice cream on the day you get your period, or sitting in front of a toasty fire with snowflakes falling outside.

living with authenticity, authentic living

Uninhibited expression — in tandem, in tripledom or manysome — sweeps the cobwebs of shame away, and leaves space for authentic living.


  • Kissing is great, but rubbing foreheads is better. There’s something addicting about foreheads colliding, rubbing intensely up against each other.
  • Communicating via unintelligible sounds and gestures — bear growls and bird chirps are welcome.
  • Having under the cover leg wars before going to sleep

What weird things do you do with others?

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