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How to collect Keys in this Website

As you may have noticed, the Blast Club is a journey that measures your growth in experience by collecting and using Keys – points that unlock all kinds of features.

You can easily find your current amount of Keys in your account:

Points collected by sharing, purchasing and reviewing products



Notice that if you don’t have an account or if you are not logged-in, all Keys you collect in a session will be lost when you close that browser since there’s nowhere to store them. So to take full advantage of the Keys point system, make sure you are logged in to your account.


How to Get Rich

Abundance = accessibility

And that’s what the Keys do. By collecting points you simply gain access to a more complete and true story.
So this is How you collect Keys at the Blast Club:

  • Be informed – Read anecdotes through the platform
  • Be heard – Write comments and leave reviews to inspire with your personal opinions
  • Be generous – Share anecdotes, curios and events with your entourage
  • Be present – Login to your account to consistently track your growth
  • Be acquainted – Buy product allies to experiment and enhance your true story
  • Be empowered – Join events to complete your journey


Accessibility = enjoyment

Now that you are rich, what can you do with your new found abundance?

  • Get privileges – Unlock products and events that only people with experience (Key holders) can access
  • Get priority – We give Keys holders RSVP priority access to product stock and events
  • Get discounts – Redeem your Keys for real money that can be used in the shop


More lembas tips!

– As you share something on social media, or write a comment or review, the Keys will be automatically collected
– Each product displays the Keys you get before purchase, or the Keys you need to unlock it before buying it.
– Unlocking products and events uses your Keys, but you’ll collect new Keys at the same time! You’ll find the Keys you get in the description of those specific curios
– Find in your account the stats and records of what why and when you collected your Keys, for a transparent way of tracking your growth


We hope you find this article useful and if you have questions or ideas, leave your comments here. You’ll collect Keys! and we’ll be together able to better help all members of the club.

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