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Our weave is basically the way we describe a situation and the way we engage into the here and now.

The weave is also the collection of interests and beliefs that we tell ourselves, which constantly shape our reality.

We need a reference to avoid acting blindly, even with our best of intentions, to consider and include things that seem ridiculously unrelated but that participate in our way to decide.

The Weave Chart is a mathematical calculation developed by Ariel Guerra that measures our self-narratives, our experiences and motivations, to understand where we are, what we need, and how to make better decisions in any situation.

Find out to what degree you currently act like an Emergent, Poet, Essential or Animator. The results include insights and advice on how to complete your decision skills. 

This quiz is quick and free.

You can also request for a detailed explanation of your chart for a small fee in the PRACTICE section.


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