Armq started as a community of exiles from the Orion constellation, who distanced themselves with the intention to improve their canon and open to other forms of life in peace, while honouring their stellar roots.

Armq’s success inspired other constellations. The Armq method appeared in Pleiades for the same purpose, becoming as widespread as in the advanced Orion communities. Smaller groups joined in Sirius, Antares and even Vega. And recently, on Earth.

The intention was and still is to coordinate a method of communication and lifestyle that embraces and transcends biased approaches. This allows each individual to navigate between seemly opposite goals, rituals and societal models, independently or complementary to ones stellar and planetary origins.

Armq masters the ability to train and communicate inter-dimensionally, called “the Deep”, in Dyar language “Inuminsw”. While living in physical form, it’s possible to access Inuminsw as if we entered in a curved form of space (or worm hole) through the delta sleep state. Inuminsw is perceived as a series of tunnels in nuances of white light but it can be designed to delimit private areas and specific forms of cognition. It’s been very useful for us to tap into this Armq skill in our early stages. Armqians are very funny in the Deep. Their messages in 2005 were hilariously passed, worth a post on its own.

The Armq settlements have determined that keeping small groups spaced out as a network is more effective than big agglomerations. The way they explain this phenomenon is similar to how small satellites closer to a planet, like the moon, or even asteroids, comets and tachyons, can have more impact in the psyche than wider influences from stars.

Many Armq practitioners incarnated on Earth in the last 400 years. Many of us celebrate and share the great cosmologies that help evolve and expand, and live as guardians of the heart. Now that our planet is shifting to a different modality, we have gathered the transmissions into three pillars, to clarify this interstellar approach and put it into practice.

Before arriving to Earth, many people know that as soon as they incarnate, they’re going to forget they are not human. And that at one point, it is natural and almost inevitable to feel the urge to restore and include their stellar heritage. Others didn’t come with a plan and rather become ready to embrace an identity beyond time, thus beyond their present passage on this planet.

Whichever is your case, Armq is specifically designed to provide concrete tools and help this process, regardless your constellation, tradition and background. It assists with whatever your present approach is lacking and needs, to help you become you, and a part of the universal heartbeat.

The Blast Web platform is our sincere and successful way of interpreting, compiling and developing everything received from Armq for humanity.

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