“I had no idea about anything and found you by chance, but I’m moved reading your site now, and best of all I got the most surprising ways to solve my problems.”


“I imagined that the Skype session would be more intellectual but I also felt your presence in the room and a lot of energy. Today it’s been a week and I still feel it.”


“Deep down, I always knew that part of me is from the stars.”


“I’m practicing everything with my kids. They’re telling me incredible things too.”


“The way the technique reframes my situation makes total sense. I know what I’m going to do now.”


“I’m so happy to have found this alien research, and share it with kindred spirits. Please expand the subject.”


“It’s weird, I feel special but at the same time this is totally normal.”


“I never felt 100% of this planet and from to what you share, my life is changing. I am realizing my value and the importance of my contribution here.”


“The more I study, the more I find it fascinating.”



We feel exactly the same way as you guys. Thank you for your support. 

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