Ode to our stellar nature

Begin when you are settled, in a peaceful space.

This moment is for you to connect with your stellar ancestors.

And not just them, out there. But your heritage within you.

Call it with love like meeting an old friend.

One you haven’t seen for a long time.

Offer space for this stellar nature in you to expand

To infuse your body, and now your aura,

Your mind and your actions.

Bring forth the True Story emblem: Sw In Dy Ar.

Align it with the nine bands of your aura. Let your aura be the vessel of your answers.

Ask what your star is, your reference of this otherworldly nature.

Whether you have an answer or not, sense it awakening,

And if it’s already active, then becoming ever present.

On each inhale, leave space for it, a large open space, that includes your belongings, your habits, where you go.

And then infuse it with light, brilliance, so when you act, speak, dream,

it’s through this space and this light.

Do you feel it?

And when you exhale, let go of any doubts about your star heritage or any fears that may be keeping you from it.

You own your knowing and you cherish it with joy, with pride,

It is also who you are, while honouring your planetary nature too.

Both coexisting in you.

With the stellar and the planetary, alive,

What would be the word or phrase that, from today,

Helps you revive this experience.


In Dyar language it’s, BEAR GOELSW AHAR.

Translation: the pearl in me is calling the pearl in the source.


Find, activate, enhance

The Blast cosmology, the flavours, the language and the emblem help us magnetise our stellar nature.

They are vehicles for you to journey through what you came here to do, according to what you channel and what you emerge from your planetary and stellar nature.

Blast is for everybody that needs and enjoys a method to include the signature of the cosmos in the smallest grain of sand.



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