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Find your decision making traits

Welcome to the Flavours Quiz

Can knowing your flavour help you look, feel, and function better? Knowing the proportions of our flavours help us decide better, because you’ll get an insight into what you use as a reference to make most of your decisions.


Find out if you’re a poet, emergent, essential, animator, a mix of them or … Oops, we can’t give away the fifth flavour, you’ll have to divine that one for yourself ;).


We know better than to generalize when it comes to finding our true self. As much as we have things in common, we are all so unique. All you have to do is watch how people walk to see that we march to the beat of our drum.


Knowing your flavour can be helpful for recognizing your decision making habits; why you end up with certain kind of people and how to complete yourself with other flavours so you can decide more freely and flexibly. The key is to incorporate our flavour into our arsenal of lifestyle tips and tricks.


Ready ?

decision from the heart

As with any other personality quiz, this quiz portrays a specific aspect of our being. It’s designed to give us a hint of what we use use as reference to make most of our decisions. You’ll discover your flavour at the end of the quiz.


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  • It takes around 8 minutes to answer all the questions, and…


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1.I’m interested in anecdotes about people and stories in general

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