It’s not necessarily our intent to philosophise about a true self, but we definitively expose ourselves to growth, find alternatives to widespread conformism and dare to blast our own trail.


Blast may be a loud word, but our revolution aims to be ironically discrete and elegant. That’s probably why Blast is born Swiss.

Being authentic means leaving behind the myth of success and most of all the myth of happiness.

Everything is getting better and is getting worse. It has always been this way, because that’s how we simply are, as individuals and as human race, two roads circling each other, conservative and daring, cruel and kind.

The great question is where to exit the predictable road of common sense, and where to take it…

We all want to see ourselves in a certain way, based on learned stereotypes of success. We also expect people to behave in a certain way.

There is an increasing amount of information and choices about what lifestyle to adopt, many of them based on intellectual ethics instead of first hand experience.

So if you were to dare, what would you be doing? Are there things you would say differently? What would you wear? What would you like to eat? What kind of relationships would you have?

The mission is to answer these questions, clues to building an authentic life. Because when you’ve got a playground to find yourself out, you’ve got it all, and everybody benefits.


How to stand for authentic living

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Quiz yourself on your decision-making traits to enhance them

Feature yours or another’s authentic artwork to promote and sell it in the Blast shop

Most of all , sing sip and (s)wear the symbolic expression of your true story.