Light, Space and how to include them

A refreshing view of the universe


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It has never been easier to manifest our highest potential

Manifesting is not just a skill mastered from within. It has to do with magnetic [...]

Dyar language: the voice that helps you be you

Opulent! Elixir! Glamour! Argosw! Some words carry enough energy to nourish me for the entire [...]


This ode channels our stellar nature

Begin when you are settled, in a peaceful space. This moment is for you to [...]

Short intro to Armq’s origins

Armq was born as a method to improve stellar traditions while honouring their heritage.

What makes the Blast cosmology unique and examples to fast track expansion

There are two reasons why traditions exist: the gratification they bring and the reward they [...]

The Weave: the taste of reality

Making the quiz through a Web plugin was more than a challenge, but it was [...]

True Story emblem: reality in illusions

Behind the scenes finding the True Story emblem – powerful extraterrestrial symbol of authentic living [...]


Sonic Wisdom from the Stars: applying our research to an oracle deck

This is how we use the Dyar language as an oracle.


Get in resonance with this telluric hotspot and its enchanted forest

Yogyakarta on Java island harbours a secret. Quite a large one, in fact. Shrouded in [...]


Polishing my intimate wisdom with this ancient practice

Women have nested these egg-shaped crystals for centuries, as allies to becoming more powerful and [...]