Find your current decision making traits


The Weave is one of the three pillars of the Blast set of practices to enhance stellar and planetary skills and restore their heritage in each one of us.

Our weave is the array of personal situations, feelings and ideas that constantly reshape our reality.

The weave is composed of four different decision making traits, that we call flavours.

Find out if you currently act as an Emergent, Poet, Essential, Animator, a combo, or... we won't give away the fifth flavour... you'll have to divine that one for yourself, depending on your results.

This short quiz will give you an idea of how to complete your Weave and make better decisions in your current situation.

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make better decisions


  • Most questions are time sensitive. Answer them based on what happened in you and to you over the last five days maximum.
  • If you are logged into your free account in the website you'll be able to come back and see the results again. Without using your account all your answers and results will be lost after 24 hours or if you want to see it from another device.
  • People have said that the simple act of answering the questions is enough to produce a change.
  • It takes around 8 minutes to answer all the questions, and...
  • You have a SAVE FOR LATER button to stop and continue the quiz at any time.

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1.I organised ideas, or clothes, or schedules, or trips…

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