40 years of research across 45 countries.

Our three pillars of intracommunication are
the clarity of our inner compass,
the power of our communication skills,
and the magic of our self-narratives.


Nothing can guarantee the outcome of what you do, but it’s empowering to focus on what you can control: your decisions.

The big problem is, everyone’s personality includes hidden agendas, narratives operating in the mind’s background, inciting us to act in a way that won’t give us what we want, but instead reinforce stressful scenarios.

To rescue ourselves from these recurring frustrations, we recognise and transform our self-narratives through the Dyar empowering skillset. The Dyar premises are nine and function simultaneously as guidelines and ways to communicate with ourselves, bringing freedom and clarity to our decisions.




Our main tools provided are

the True Story emblem
(visual reminder and symbolic device),

the Dyar Language
(decentralised communication) and

the Weave
(our behavioural profile).


The True Story emblem is a means to expand our mind, expression, body and aura to tune into the wisdom of our ancestors, not necessarily as beings separate from us, but as a source of inner guidance.

True Story emblem

The pearl at the centre homes our premises. It is equal in shape to the whole of the emblem, meaning that it’s possible to match our identity with the polarity of life events and the needs of the community we are part of. The two hemispheres refer to the polarities we need to master, to succeed in our lives.

It was transmitted in 2005 and calibrated through sacred geometry. It helps manifest and synchronise with the appropriate place and time for personal and universal development.

The emblem activates cosmo-telluric reception and emission and encapsulates an entire cosmology in one symbol.



The Dyar Language (pronounced ‘deeahr’) is an extraordinary example of how to harness the power of words and sound. 

The language has a direct correlation to the architecture of our body and aura, our cycles of birth, personal abilities and relationships.

Through its vocabulary and prononciation, the Dyar language is a self-tuning system, that requires conceiving of a decentralised source of decisions within oneself.

Composed by a mathematical grammar and a base of nine syllables (18 characters) arranged in groups of one, two or three syllacodes, its basic vocabulary of 820 words can be learned quickly and intuitively, and even expanded to 7380 words.

The origins of the syllables date back to when they were first designed in 1982 and improved since 2005.



The Weave is the array of personal obsessions and situations that constantly influence our decisions and so reshape our reality.


The weave is composed of four different cognitive traits, that we call Flavours.

We all have all the flavours present but in different proportions and the resultant varies slightly every five days, so it’s important to keep track of their evolution and compensate imbalances, before making decisions, big and small. More information in the Discover section.

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