Our heart research started by first defining ‘authenticity’, as simply and clearly as possible to be able to measure how reliable our







s are, what keeps them aligned with our true story, and what doesn’t. 

Human authenticity begins as the ability to access one’s core desires, and those of a given situation greater than the individual, what we call the essence. It’s what drives us, what genuinely motivates what is.

Authenticity is often attributed to people who are honest, coherent and speak their mind. But these attributes define authenticity through a set of personality traits, you can’t go very far with it, actually you can’t go anywhere beyond neurosis with it.

Someone can be authentic with or without these attributes, with or without qualities that compare to an ideal. There is no ideal self to emulate. You don’t need to walk your talk to be authentic. You don’t even even need to be honest. But you need to know why your are doing what your are doing, which is often difficult to know for sure.

When we say that we need to access the real why, we don’t necessarily mean that we need to understand something. Understanding is knowledge, a map of the Alps. Access is an experience, walking on the Alps.

Authenticity is the ability to act through a mastery of premises, not of beliefs, nor values.

For example, what can be learned from seminars or books might be inspiring and noble, but it doesn’t mean it is appropriate to what suits you, even if you feel or think it does. Very often, we will tend to follow an ethical approach that is different to the one we really need.

It is much easier to be honest than authentic, the same way that it’s easier to be nice than compassionate. Blast is a way to remind ourselves what makes us authentic and how we make it on the stage of our true story.

Authenticity applies to two main definitions: Comparisons and Origins.

Comparisons: a diamond is authentic when it matches the qualities that describe an ideal diamond.

Origins: an action is authentic when it stems from a deep access to the self and the situation.


You don’t need to walk your talk to be authentic. You don’t even even need to be honest. But you need to know  why  your are doing what your are doing, which is often difficult to know for sure…


Everybody lives through a personal set of values, which are your reference for every decision you make. Value is a beautiful word, very much in vogue over the last decades. It means what’s most important to you; what you care the most.

Values, as amazing as they are considered to be, are the trickiest tools ever created. Without getting too serious, they are simply dangerous. If you are afraid of crowds, then describe silence as a quality and turn seclusion into a value. If you are afraid of being alone, then simply praise friendship or family as a value to constantly be surrounded.

Anybody may potentially hold a value out of pain, out of fear, out of a buried hurt. And in those cases a value works perfectly as a respected, untouchable patch to cover a wound. That’s when the road gets muddy without noticing and a person is no longer authentic, even if they do great things in the name of well-respected values.

Values are the best backup to start a war. They are also the ultimate human-rights multipass. With it you can go everywhere and simply say “well, this is just the way I am, you know”.

6 Keys to live an authentic life

that have been giving the best results so far:


  1. Refresh your premises
    Install premises instead of beliefs or values. Avoid believing in what you are prone to believe. Refresh.


  2. Express your top 3 fetishes
    Air out your suppressed desires and find the context to turn them into fuel. Express.


  3. Identify your 3 deepest wounds
    Memorise the three most sensitive points that compel you to act impulsively or quickly reach conclusions. Identify.


  4. Question your interpretations before you keep going
    Realize when your certainty is actually something you are misinterpreting. Question.


  5. Dare to challenge your bubble burster
    Bypass the little reasonable voice that keeps you bland and predictable. Dare.


  6. Live from your heart and not from your hurt
    Make your decisions grow and blast from who you really are instead of who you are supposed to be. Live!


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Hurt can easily become the source of our lifestyle, the reference upon which decisions are made, seeking silent reconciliation.

Heart can spark and light the way from within. It needs more than our intuition though.

Authentic living breathes from that gifted or talented being whose actions are not  compelled by hidden wounds, but peacefully and passionately acting from the essence of the moment.

So the urge to find and design our art from the Heart is primordial and it extends to everybody, regardless of intelligence or status.

Our job is to provide you this insight. And a way to distinguish when your actions come from your heart or from your hurt. A path to be, blast and share your art from the heart with the world. If these words make any sense, you may then have a glimpse of Blast. If this resonates with you, then you have taken a heartograph of Blast, a True Story.

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