The more often we practice conscious lovemaking, the more we feel honoured in our bodies and in our sexuality; and the more we love and are loved, the more we have the impression that the world is ours and we open.

It’s just that lovemaking isn’t always conscious, readily available or even desired. That’s where your Gem Spot enters as a drama-free, trustworthy superstone with a myriad of benefits. Woman around the world have nested these egg-shaped crystals for centuries, connecting with them as allies to becoming more authentic, more grounded in their bodies, happier and even more orgasmic.

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The virtues of crystals are widely known, while the advantages of massaging the vaginal canal, a lot less. The Gem Spot’s ability to combine the lithotherapy of high-quality stones with its natural movement along the passage to your womb generates an enormous amount of benefits.

To list them all would be a snooze, so we’ll stick to the show stoppers:

  • Womb Activator — the seat of creation, the womb brings new ideas, resources and initiative. When there is more womb fluidity, there is less anchoring in resistance. The GemSpot comes to stimulate this precious space, activating the inner Goddess in each of us women.
  • Inner acupressurist– the vaginal canal connects to the rest of our body through acupressure points, that are stimulated by the GemSpot, in a sense massaging this erotic and powerful zone and generating full body rejuvenation. The egg will intuitively come and stay at the point where you need it the most, it depends on your season as a woman.
  • Weave recycler — It is said that a woman’s past, present and future is woven inside her vaginal canal, womb and uterus – her feminine matrix. This intricate pattern includes the stories of her male partners imprinted during intercourse. The egg, by circulating the vital energy, helps release and recycle these memories, both collective, ancestral, personal and emotional.
  • Orgasm enhancer — The strength of our PC muscles can have an impact on the quality of our orgasms and the pleasure we feel during love making. Simply using your GemSpot regularly is enough to strengthen your PCs, making it one of the easiest kegel exercises out there. But for those that want to take it to the next level, you can practice GemSpot exercises specifically for this purpose.
  • Lithotherapist — The virtues and energy forces of stones, crystals and minerals are well known to help restore balance to the body. Being made of only the finest cut stones, the GemSpot delivers all of the crystal’s powerful benefits in a zone that is well-suited to receive. In addition to the physical benefits, our selection resonates with the personality flavours, helping us to enhance or complete our many facets.

The more we can circulate our vital energy and transcend our weavy stories, the more the world responds and opens.  As it moves inside you, your GemSpot becomes this invaluable companion to drop fears, release traumas, and to feel anchored and radiant inside and out.

Passed down from the immortels

The origins of the yoni egg practice are found simultaneously in different parts of the world, but it’s primarily in Asia that we see an unbroken and traceable source dating back 4k to 5k years B.C. It is linked to a conscious body and sexuality practice in a milieu in which the initiates were all women of royal blood known as the immortels.

The noble ladies who practiced this technique were known for their exquisite beauty, radiance and longevity. They had a high level of awareness of their bodies, their breath, sexuality, meditation and energy work, much more than is common today.  They were trained in many different areas, including mathematics, astrology, fine arts, music, philosophy, metaphysics, etiquette and personal development, as well as the art of connecting the wisdom of the stars with the vibration of the earth and bringing it all together in the heart.

They discovered that by massaging the feminine matrix from the inside and out, their energy circulated better. In order to be autonomous in this exploration, they used a crystal in the form of an an egg that, once inside the vaginal canal, could liberate tensions and fluidify the blood by creating heat and dilating the blood vessels thanks to the friction of the egg along the vaginal walls.

This sacred practice was then passed on to new initiates, in addition to other rituals, sexual and otherwise, that they shared among themselves. We can be thankful that today the practice is more widely available, nourishing our quest to blast a true story.

Which Gem Spot should you choose?

All but one of the Gem Spots we chose come from the earth. And yet when we look at them under a microscope, the molecular structure resembles that of an entire constellation. The stones presence inside the most intimate area of our body helps us reunite the earthly and stellar aspects of our being.

There are many ways to choose which crystal yoni egg to call your own. Personally, I like having an assortment of different semi-precious stones depending on my mood and overall state. In addition to its inherent benefits, the six types of yoni eggs sold at Blast are also associated with one of the five personality Flavours. If you haven’t yet, you can take the quiz to discover your Flavour mix here. One of the core pillars at Blast is to have an equally high amount of each Flavour, so if Emergent happens to be your lowest Flavour, you could choose a Lapis Lazuli yoni egg to boost your Emergent qualities.


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Above all, have fun with it! Play with these earthly constellations, and be ready to adjust your yoni egg practice as it evolves and flourishes over time.

Have an inspiring story to tell about your Gem Spot™? Let us know, leave a comment below, so we can feature you in the True Scoop blog. We believe that sharing our experiences with others is one of keys to blasting a True Story.

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