Pioneer Ariel Guerra comes again with a surprising series of revelations, this time to measure how we interact with reality from a particular angle – what’s known as our personality Flavours.

Ariel, where do the Flavours come from?

Flavours are personality traits that are directly related to how we perceive and engage with reality.

Time and space intersect organically depending on our level of authenticity. This may sound like mumbo jumbo but as we describe the process, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to grasp what it means. 

The intersection of time and space is represented through two axis – vertical and horizontal. 

• The Map/Territory vertical axis measures our tendency to consider spacial reality gradually, from abstract ideas to concrete perception. 

• The Pattern/Impulse horizontal axis measures our appreciation of time in a spectrum between repetition and disruption, or in other words, episodes that repeat vs those that appear spontaneously. 

How does this chart become something we can relate to?

A formula combines the two axis of time and space and determines your four personality traits or “flavours”, and the proportion between them. 

Poet, Animator, Emergent, Essential, their names are as fun as they are accurate in describing the four quadrants. It would take a long time to describe each of them here, but you can get a clearer grasp when you run the quiz or get a chart reading.

The Flavours quiz is a series of questions that measures your reactions based on content and context. This means that both the meaning of the question and how you answer the question matter.

From this quiz we discover many things.

• The hot flavour – the one you use the most to think and to decide

• The lite flavour – the one that needs TLC

• The flavour spread – 0 to 8%, 8% to 12% and 12% onwards

• Our flavour personality traits


Are the quiz results enough to get an idea of what to do next?

Taking the quiz online gives you a good base from which to build on. The Full Chart Reading goes in depth to tailor your quiz results to you, and how they apply to your life. Readings can be requested regularly over time as your results evolve. Curios and lifestyle tips help to complete the lite Flavours

Flavours Chart Readings are especially helpful in private sessions as they track progress in quick, fun and reliable way. 



I am interviewing Ariel now and will keep you posted with more answers soon! 


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